Human Risk Management

Security awareness should be ongoing within every organization; hence a security plan is necessary. From simply fulfilling a compliance requirement to a comprehensive culture change program to manage your human risk, our team will design, implement and manage a solution that fits your needs.

Cybersecure Canada Certification

Completing a certification process can be overwhelming. We will guide you thru the process, at your own speed, to ensure a successful project.

Canada Digital Adoption Program

As approved advisors by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, we will help you make the best possible use of your $15,000 grant and develop a customized Cybersecurity Adoption Plan.


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Start with the basics...

Cybersecurity is the protection of data, information, computers, devices and networks from cyber threats and attacks.

In plain English, it is all about protecting our data, devices, and networks so we can use them with no issues. It implies that only authorized users within the organization can have access to them.

Mostly, small and medium-sized ones. Large organizations have the necessary resources and budgets to face cybercriminals and developed cybersecurity teams long ago. Moreover, since SMEs account for 98% of Canada’s economy, there are far more chances of small organizations being compromised by hackers.

In the same way that your organization’s systems and software were specifically designed to serve you efficiently, cybersecurity cannot be implemented with a one-size-fits-all.

The specific structure for your organization will require a customized set of IT solutions (firewalls, email security, anti-virus, patching, VPN…), staff training, and precise cybersecurity policies and processes).

Some users might wrongly think that cybersecurity is an IT or someone else’s job, not theirs. Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

95% of cyberattacks are due to human error. Simply by making everyone aware of the risks at play and by implementing some basic measures, like the ones above, your organization will reduce the chances of being compromised by 95%.
Shouldn’t you start it today?

Depending on your organization’s needs, business practices, data, and specific risks, you may require more complex solutions and budgets. As an example, a basic cybersecurity awareness program can be as low as a few dollars per user per month. 

In Canada, there are multiple grants available by federal and provincial programs to help SMEs improve their cybersecurity posture. We constantly monitor these funding opportunities and can facilitate finding the right one for your organization.

Perhaps it might help to answer this question with a reverse-thinking approach: could you afford to run your business without access to your network, systems, or stored data?