Cybersecurity Posture Assessment

60% of small businesses will fold within 6 months of an incident.

Do you even know where you stand?

We make it simple. We help you understand your current posture, your risks, what is urgent and what is important. And how to fix it, step by step.

Our deliverables include:

Cybersecurity Assessment

Through a series of questionnaires and scans that we perform on the client’s environment, we create a full assessment and gap analysis of your current risk level and cyber posture, compared to industry benchmarks.

Cybersecurity Plan

We design a cybersecurity plan bringing the organization to the desired level of protection and compliance. It includes remediation tasks and a detailed implementation plan.

Critical recommendations

We provide detailed recommendations for the immediate remediation of underlying risks and critical vulnerabilities.

how do we work:

Typically, we meet with the business owner and person in charge of IT, to understand your current posture and review your security requirements. 

We make it simple. We guide you thru the assessment, and help answer every question. Once completed, review your online assets, analyze and understand all information, and provide you with a comprehensive report indicating where you stand. 

What we provide:

  • A cybersecurity posture assessment, 
  • A complete gap analysis with industry best practices and security frameworks,
  • Critical recommendations for immediate remediation, 
  • And a detailed implementation plan.