Human Risk Management Innovation

Traditional Security Awareness Training is not working.

Yes, you phish your users. Yes, you might be compliant. But… Are behaviors changing?

Save your staff from “Death from LMS”… Let them have fun!

We are proud to introduce to the north American market two revolutionary concepts, based on the principles of gamification and experiential learning.

Game PArtners

Cyber Wargame

Strategic Training

Cyber Wargame encourages strategic thinking and long-term planning. Players need to anticipate potential threats and make informed decisions to protect their organization.

Risk Management

The game scenarios simulate common risk situations, such as data theft, phishing attacks, and network vulnerabilities. Players gain skills in risk management and learn to identify security flaws.

Realistic Simulation

Inspired by real-life B2B cyberattacks, Cyber WarGame presents realistic challenges that task players with reacting swiftly and efficiently. The game strengthens preparedness in case of a cyber incident.

Cooperation and Teams

Ideal for your colleagues, this game promotes collaboration and communication. Participants work together to solve complex problems, thus enhancing team cohesion.

Customization and Training

The scenarios and missions of the game can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. It can also serve as a valuable cybersecurity training tool for employees.

Cyber Wargame Online

Cyber Wargame Online is the online version of the Cyber Wargame card game, specially designed to provide employees and teams with an immersive cybersecurity awareness experience in a virtual and remote environment. This online adaptation allows you to explore the challenges of cybersecurity in an ever-evolving digital world.

Cyber Duel


A captivating card game aimed at raising awareness about cybersecurity among the general public through both a playful and educational approach. In this head-to-head designed for two players, each participant is immersed in a strategic battle, taking on either the role of the attacker or that of the defender, with the objective of protecting the defender’s assets.

Brain Security


Customized Cybersecurity content
Interactive & Engaging Learning
Behavioral Science Applied
Automated & Efficient Management
Current and Relevant Threat Coverage
Real Cyber Awareness Created


Unveil the Brain Arcade Machine: A unique, premium experience elevating cybersecurity awareness into an immersive and captivating adventure for your team.

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