Check your email and find out if it has been breached

has your account been breached?

If “No”, congratulations! You are safe for now. It might be worth it to continue reading below and use some best email practices.

If your email is listed in any data breach, immediately change your password! A safer move would be to also change the passwords of those sites where you use your compromised email account to log in. Create long, random passwords, unique and consider using a password manager. 

You may want to use a free secure password generator. If you need to access a site or service once, you can use a temporary email address to protect your personal or business accounts. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is the safest access method to log into any online account whenever it is possible.

Now, the tough question: how do you know that any other member of your team is not using a hacked account? Your business might be already compromised.

Contact us, and let’s talk about how to make your business and every single member of your team safer.