CDAP Cybersecurity augmentation

You are an expert in your field. We are too.
We help you enhance your Digital adoption plans with a cybersecurity assessment and customized plan for your client.

We work with fellow approved CDAP advisors to augment their value to their clients by adding a complete cybersecurity adoption plan to your recommendations.  You own the relationship. We do the work. Your clients get significant additional value.

A typical CDAP cybersecurity augmentation includes:

Cybersecurity Assessment

Through a series of questionnaires and scans that we perform on the client’s environment, we create a full assessment and gap analysis of their current risk level and cyber posture, compared to industry benchmarks.

Cybersecurity Plan

We design a cybersecurity plan bringing their organization to the desired level of protection and compliance. It includes remediation tasks and a detailed implementation plan.

Critical recommendations

We provide detailed recommendations for the immediate remediation of underlying risks and critical vulnerabilities.

how do we work:

You own the relationship. We work for you. 

Typically, we meet with your client’s designated contact to understand their current posture and review their security requirements. We complete the audit, review their online assets, analyze and understand all information, and provide you with a comprehensive report and plan to include in your CDAP plan. 

Client involvement: 

  • two working sessions of 2 hours each with your client’s designated point of contact

Your involvement: 

  • optional participation in the working sessions with the client.
  • participation in the debriefing meeting to review the findings and report, typically with the delivery of your CDAP plan. 
  • Incorporation of the report and cybersecurity plan into your CDAP final plan. 

What we provide:

  • a cybersecurity posture assessment, 
  • a complete gap analysis with industry best practices and security frameworks,
  • critical recommendations for immediate remediation, 
  • and a detailed implementation plan.